18. June 2005 DataWorkshop hosted at
    Guilhem Bonnefille was nice enough to start a DataWorkshop project at I am unable to work on the code so Guilhem is the official maintainer now. If you think DataWorkshop is useful and you want to keep it alive then visit the project page and contribute.
12. July 2004 DataWorkshop v1.1.1 released
  • Open Source release
25. September 2003 DataWorkshop v1.1 released
  • redesigned view templates / DataRecognizer
  • Open/Save static views
  • Import/Export data
26. June 2003 DataWorkshop v1.0 released
  • improved the view definition gui
  • extended compiler output to make it easier to debug view definitions
  • added palette with common view definition elements
  • redesigned view definition element
  • added new view definition elements
  • fixed the view query which was completely broken
  • reworked the documentation, added a view query tutorial
25.November 2002 DataWorkshop v0.9 released
  • Text Clipboard for Text -> Data Conversion
  • Configurable automatic data recognition based on data and filename
  • Compiler Output to debug view definition
  • View definition compiler options
  • Data view query (XPath Query on xml structure)
  • Speed improvements when loading/saving structures
  • Major gui Redesign (Automatic resizing of data encoding fields, BrowserView, Fixed Keyboard navigation)
  • new option to display offset as MB.KB.Bytes.Bits
  • new data encodings: IEEE754 Floats, TimeInMillis
  • made old data encodings more configurable: radix can be choosen from 2 -20
  • new view definition elements: Static Aligned Field, Pointer Aligned Field

14.June 2002 DataWorkshop v0.85 released
  • Data view can be saved in different formats (xml, html, text)
  • new data transformers: Not, Negate, Map
  • new data encodings: EBCDIC
  • Changed TextFields to Spinners
  • Speed improvements when loading/saving structures and templates

21.April 2002 DataWorkshop v0.8 released
  • Added DataTransformers
  • Switched from binary to XML serialization
  • Changed SplitWindowView to InternalFrameView
  • Read and write from sockets

1.October 2000 First public release of DataWorkshop v0.5